Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nightmares: Are you ready to die?

It seems like
every night
I don't recite my prayers
It enhances the chance of me having nightmares
Bad dreams 
Make me see things
I fight the night air
My sight's impaired
I see death taking my last breath of air
I confess
I get scared because I'm not prepared to leave
One question, when I go will I rest in peace
Or will I rest beneath the earth
Where hellish flames burst
On Earth, the game's cursed
But in hell the pain is worse
I can't explain the hurt
I feel
2late to reverse the deal
My soul's headed to hell
My corpse in the back of a hearse d'ville
I'm shook
as I read the book of death
All my dirt revealed
From my first curse words
to the herbs and ethanol I abused for cheap thrills
To my thirst to kill
Unborn Babies with birth control shields
Aspirations killed your aspirations
Was it worth it for real
Just to get some doe
Hit some hoes
I was so impatient
Letting temptation
Jeopardize my soul
Now I'll never know
What lies below
Until my eyes are closed.

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